Wellness Council
 To create a group of community members to build a bridge to long term wellness.  
If you would like to join us, please contact Harold Litwiler at (805) 688-6487 ext. 3231 for a meeting schedule

Wellness Council is made up of Child Nutrition staff, committed community members and district administration to create, promote and evolve healthful policies, programs and visions for our students.  Meetings are held to review the district policy and discuss opportunities to promote nutrition, physical activity and lifestyles of wellness. 

 • Support the school in developing a healthier school environment

• Create the vision and goals for the local Healthy Schools Program

• Assist with policy development to support a healthy school environment

• Promote parent, community and professional involvement in developing a healthier school environment

• Advocate for school health programs and policies within the broader school community

• Tap into funding and leverage resources for student and staff wellness

• Plan and implement programs for students and staff

• Evaluate program and policy efforts 
Members and Partners
Terry Delaney      
SVY Fruit & Vegetable Rescue