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Mr. Young
RHS English
805-688-6487 EX 3326
Welcome to RHS English. The purpose of this class is to prepare students for college and a rewarding career by providing the necessary reading and writing skills. Students will progress through a variety of lessons designed to help them become effective communicators, critical thinkers, self-directed and collaborative learners, and responsible/productive citizens that will thrive in their future endeavors. This process is a team effort that requires the participation of teachers, students, and parents/guardians to truly be effective. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any questions or concerns.
Bio: I am a forty-something former outdoor educator and guide who left the unpredictability of working both above and below the ocean's surface to instruct in a classroom. I moved from England in 1996 when I was twenty-six years of age (you can do the math to determine my actual age if you are interested!) I live in Goleta with my wife, who is also a teacher, and my two children ages six and nine. I still enjoy the outdoors and am a keen surfer and photographer in my spare time. I do not scuba dive as much as I used to, but am hoping to develop my photography skills underwater soon. I have a sincere desire to help students reach their potential and am looking forward to teaching this coming year. Good luck, and work hard!
Mr. Young