Kinesiology 2016 Namaste

Name: Jennifer Croll
Department/Grade: ROP
Email Address:
Phone: 688-6487  x3381
I have taught the Sports Medicine Class at SYHS for the past 12 years and the program has grown from one class to three in the past years.  I now teach two different sport medicine classes and have almost 90 students between the three classes.  I am also the school's Certified Athletic Trainer, which means the things I teach in the classroom are practiced by me on a daily basis on our student/athletes.  The students in my Sport Medicine classes help care for our school's athletes as part of their internship for the class.  A few summers ago I became certified as a yoga instructor, so will be teaching a yoga class a few times a month as part of the SY fitness club.I taught Physical Education classes at SYHS for 5 years as well. 
Last Modified on September 23, 2016