Dr. Lori Hope
Principal, Refugio High School
Phone: (805) 688-6487 ext. 3320 
Dear Students and Parents,
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Refugio High School for the 2016-17 school year! We have another year of quality education and programs to offer the students and families of the Santa Ynez Valley. We are going to be adding information to our school web site to help parents acquaint themselves with the expectations, programs, and policies that we have established to ensure that students succeed and feel safe on our campus. It’s our goal to keep parents informed about their son or daughter’s progress and to play an integral role in helping their student have a successful high school experience.
In addition to core curriculum classes, such as math, English, science and social studies, Refugio High School also offers qualified students the chance to attend afternoon classes on the Santa Ynez Valley Union High School campus to help guide them into a possible career path or develop an interest in a particular area. The Regional Occupation Programs (ROP) include course offerings in Agriculture, Business, Restaurant, and Technology.
Beginning this year, RHS will be offering on-line classes to supplement the current school board approved Elective, Math,  and Social Studies course.  The GradPoint programs replace the old "packet programs" and further enrich our rigorous curriculums  Also, we are offering all students one semester of "Get Focused-Stay Focused" to provide academic and work skills in preparation for post-secondary academic and work experiences.  
Refugio High School is an integral part of our community and I appreciate all the support and guidance we receive from parents, businesses and community members. It’s because of your support that the RHS students have been so successful over the years. If there is any way that I can help you or your son/daughter throughout the year, please feel free to call me at 688-6487 ext. 3320.

Last Modified on August 23, 2016