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    SYVUHS Academic Mentor (AM) Program
    2012/2013 Academic Mentors
     (Not all mentors present for photo)
         The Academic Mentoring Program is a specialty academic support system designed for students and administered by students. The program addresses the needs of those students who require support in areas such as organization skills, study skills and language barriers who would otherwise have to look outside of the classroom to receive this type of individualized attention. Our academic mentors are carefully selected based on their individual strengths and abilities and matched with courses and students that will most benefit from their particular expertise. The most wonderful aspect of this program is that it is a mutually beneficial situation. The mentors receive academic credit and invaluable experience that can be put on resumes and college applications. Meanwhile, the mentees receive the additional academic support necessary to boost their grades and their confidence. Currently our program is targeting English Second Language students for support and all of our mentors are bi-lingual. It is our goal to slowly expand the program to include the entire student body. If you have any questions about the program please don't hesitate to contact one of the coordinators below.
                                                  Mr. Gonzalez                                     Mrs. Lewis                                                
    (agonzalez@syvuhsd.org)                      (elewis@syvuhsd.org)
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