Youth Action Council

Advisors Ms. Lee, P17 and Hector Garcia, The Cove 
We meet in room P17 most Thursdays. Please listen for an announcement. 


Please sign up for Remind messages for meeting dates and other important information.

 Events and Projects
 Kindness Day, Red Ribbon Week
   Entire month  Bully Awareness Month
   Entire month
 Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Awareness Month
     Drug Facts Week


 Entire month Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Awareness Month
Memes Project for Drug Facts Week 2017
Red Ribbon Week 2016
Kindness Day October 24, 2016
Every student in first period received a post-it with
either a compliment or words of wisdom printed on it.
Red Ribbon Week 2015
YAC Meeting at Chomp, Solvang 2014 
Red Ribbon Week and Aerial of Student Message 2014  
 Youth Leadership Conference October 2014 
Homecoming Parade 2013 
Homecoming Parade  
Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Awareness Month 2013
 YAC members with the help of ASB wrote chalk messages
throughout the campus to increase awareness. 


“To create a positive culture and to inspire a generation of powerful teens

to strive for a life of positive influences.”

Who we are

We are... a Teen Advisory Board to the Valley Coalition To Promote Drug Free Youth.

We are... an energetic high school club that is working together to improve and enrich the lives of our peers.

We are... a voice to represent the teens in the SYV to help create positive change.

We are... friends that choose safe and exciting ways to have fun together.

What we do

We usually have meetings once a week on Thursdays during lunch in P17; and sometimes we meet at Chomp or at another location.

We promote drug free campaigns.

We have two drug and alcohol awareness campaigns per year.

We sponsor youth forums.

Members participate in City Government.

We create positive change.

We help educate youth and adults about harmful decisions and harmful situations. 

Why we do it

We don’t want to lose anymore friends to alcohol,  drugs, violence, or abusive situations.
because we believe every teen deserves a healthy life and a bright future. 

Most teens don't use alcohol & drugs.

Together let’s break the cycle!
Be a Pirate.  Lose the rum!
Be a part of the change!
Dream Big! 

SYV Youth Coalition     http://www.syvyouthcoalition.org

C. Lee, teacher, and SYV Youth Coalition Member, room P17, clee@syvuhsd.org, 805-688-6487x2404
Hector C. Garcia, The Cove on campus, room L5, hcgarcia@syvuhsd.org, 805-688-6487x3329; employed by SYV People Helping People
Mary Conway, SYV,  People Helping People, 805-686-0295

2012/2013 Publicity

Three YAC members and three students from Ms. Lee's Film Appreciation class attended the "It Starts With Me" conference at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo on February 1, 2013. The conference was on recognizing, preventing, and dealing with bullying. Four authors and representatives from Asset Development Network and other organizations provided valuable information for children, teens, and adults.

Last Modified on January 27, 2017