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    Save the Agriculture Incentive Grant!
    Reinstate Ag Education Funding
    Contact Your Elected Officials Today!
    Despite thousands of letters, including nearly 1,200 from Farm Team members alone, the proposed State Budget shifts $4.4 million of Proposition 98 General Fund money from the Agricultural Career Technical Education Incentive Grant program (ACTEIG) to the Local Control Program.

    While this was certainly disappointing, it is just the beginning of the budget process and your outreach and personal stories to elected officials can make a difference!

    The benefits of Agricultural Education programs are clear in that they:

    • Produce more post-secondary attendance from our high schools than the “college prep” track does
    • Are nationally-recognized models of excellence that are being duplicated in a growing number of states
    • Have over 1,285 courses that are UC/CSU approved for admission into California’s university systems
    • Have produced thousands of business and industry leaders who credit Ag Education for motivating them and developing their leadership potential

    Act today and bring the importance of this matter to the attention of your elected officials! Use the following link to easily send a letter to our representatives!

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    President- Kayla Tullis
    Vice President- Jake Harrison
    Secretary- Kristen Martin
    Reporter- Frances Domingos
    Treasurer- Izack Romero
    Sentinel- Melissa Brocke
    Founded in 1928, FFA is the largest youth leadership organization in America with over half a million members from all fifty states and Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
    FFA is a dynamic youth organization that is a part of agricultural education programs at middle and high schools. Today, student members are engaged in a wide range of curriculum and FFA activities, leading to over 300 differnt career opportunities in agriculture.
    More than 11,000 FFA advisors and agriculture teachers deliver an integrated model of agricultural education providing students with innovative and leading-edge education, enabling them to grow into competent leaders. FFA classroom activities include math and science as well as hands-on work experience and the development of life skills helping them to discover their career path and realize success.
    1. Collectively, FFA members earn more than $4 billion annually through their hands-on work experience
    2. In 2009, 128 sponsors provided 1,801 individual scholarships worth approximately $2.2 million through the National FFA Organization
    3. To date, more than $30 million in FFA collegiate scholarships have awarded to students pursuing higher education
    4. Members participate and learn advanced career skills in 51 national proficiency areas based on their hands-on work experience ranging from food science and technology to agricultural communications to wildlife management to production agriculture

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