•  Pirate Revue Yearbook

    Early bird special is


    The price increases to $95 on April 1.
    • Order and pay in room P17 or in the Business Office.
    • Pay with a check or cash. The school does not accept credit cards.
    • Mail payment to SYHS Yearbook, PO Box 398, Santa Ynez, CA 93460.
    • To order online using a credit card: http://ybstore.friesens.com/stores/764897
    • Did you buy a yearbook? Please check in room P17 or in the Business Office.

    Senior Portrait Information
    • Submit by March 1 to prevent our using your school photo.
    • Submit vertical picture approx 300dpi.
    • Portrait-sized dimensions such as 4" x 6" or 2" x 3"
    • Supply an individual image only.
    • Wear appropriate attire. Refer to school dress code.
    • Name your jpg or tiff file: lastname_firstname 
    • E-mail to yearbook@syvuhsd.org or deliver on disk to room P17.
    • Warning: If you send by cell phone you may compromise the resolution. 

     PDA Ads for Seniors & Business Ads
    • Ads support the yearbook production class in updating software and equipment.
    • A PDA is a public display of affection purchased by family or friends.
    • Group PDAs are fun and affordable.
    • The book is 9" x 12" landscape orientation.
    • Email a PDF or JPG of your ad if you are creating it yourself:
      yearbook@syvuhsd.org or clee@syvuhsd.org 
    • Please contact us if you would like the yearbook advisor to make the ad.
    • Mail payment to SYHS Yearbook, PO Box 398, Santa Ynez, CA 93460. 


    Page size  H x W

    Submitted by you

    Made by Yearbook

    March 1

    Full – 9" x 12" (landscape)




    1/2 – 9" x 6" (portrait)




    1/4 –  4.5" x 6" (landscape)




    1/8 Business ads only (business card Size)



    Advisor Cheryl Lee clee@syvuhsd.org
    805-688-6487 ext. 2404 


Last Modified on August 5, 2017