Mrs. Babcock

Tory Babcock-- Educational Background:
CLAD Certification, Stanford University
Single Subject Teaching Credential, Chapman University
M.A. English Literature, UCSB
B.A. English Literature, UCSB

A.P. English Literature
College Prep English 4
Critical Thinking
Chair, Department of English
Senior Class Advisor
Course Objectives:
  • Develop the students' ability to read in depth and breadth
  • Develop the students' ability to think critically
  • Develop the students' ability to write lucidly and coherently
  • Prepare the students (A.P.) to pass the A.P. English Literature exam
  • Prepare all my students to succeed at the college of their choosing
These objectives are based on the California State Standards for English/Language Arts.  They may be accessed at
Greetings Pirates! 2013-2014 begins my twenty-third year as a Pirate teacher/mentor and my thirty-second year in education. I love teaching at Santa Ynez High and have a simple philosophy: I have high expectations for all my students and will work as hard as I can to ensure they are successful. Despite our mutual hard work, we have a lot of fun in my classroom as we learn to read carefully, think critically, and write with clarity and power. My contact number at school is 688-6487 (extension 2339) and my email address is  
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