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     Tuesday, January 23, 2018 

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    The Pirate Genius Bar is now open for staff and students.

    Geniuses will be available Monday-Friday

    Before school (7:30AM-8:00AM) Break (9:40AM-10:00AM) Lunch (11:40AM-12:15PM)

    After School (2:00PM-3:00PM) and by appointment.


    We will be providing the following services:


    Computer / Device Repair and Service

    User Training 

    Technical Advice


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    Pirate Genius Bar In The News!

    Click on the photo for a link to the Santa Ynez Valley News Article.


    PGB News







    Please remember that the students offering these servicess, the Pirate Geniuses, are learning both computer repair and customer service.

     When bringing in your device for service, please remember to backup your data, and that you understand that you are assuming the risk of any damage that may happen while it's under our care.  Also, please bring in any power chargers and have your administrator password for your device.   


     To contact the Pirate Genius Bar for an appointment or training, please email us at:






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