Board Focus Goals
    2010/2011 to 2012/2013

    Goal 1:  Student Achievement

    Implement instructional strategies and assessments that close the achievement gap, enhance 21st century learning skills, and enable all student subgroups to meet and surpass state content-standard expectations.

    Goal 2:  Fiscal Goals

    Align the District budget with Strategic Planning goals in order to meet student needs, optimize financial resources, and maintain the District’s economic recovery.

    Goal 3: Technology

    Align the District technological infrastructure with staff and student needs, allowing for the consistent use of digital learning skills across all student subgroups.

    Goal 4:  Facilities

    Maintain a safe, clean, and caring environment for students and the community, while also identifying and planning for future needs of District facilities.

    Goal 5: Professional Development

    Research and offer multiple opportunities for all staff to receive focused professional development that will promote the consistent use of 21st century learning skills and closing the achievement gap.

    Goal 6:  Culture and Community
    Continue to occupy a high-profile stature in the community by working in partnership with local community groups and increasing experiential and community-based opportunities for students.


Last Modified on September 15, 2010