Special Education Department

Shannon Silva - Practical Tutorial, & Co-teach Biology, Co-teach Int Science, and Co-teach US History.
David Jackson - Co-teach Math 101, Co-teach Math 201, Co-teach Comp Eng 1, Co-teachComp Eng 3.
*Stephanie Gogonis -  Practical English, Practical Science, and Co-teach Comp English 2.
Billy Sivola - Practical Math, Practical Government/Practical US History, & Co-teach Math 90.  
Jani Lindberg - Practical Tutorial and Co-teach World Cultures.
Bettina Knox - Work Skills, Life Skills, Functional Science, Functional English, Functional Math, Functional Social Studies
Debbie Goldsmith - STEP English, Math, Science, History, and Social skills.
 Claudia Pena - School Psychologist
 Kristine Hewes - Speech-Language Pathologist
* Department Chair
Last Modified on February 24, 2017