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    Chip Fenenga
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    New Gym and Old Gym

    Chip Fenenga has been a science teacher at SYVUHS since 1990. He graduated from UCSB with Masters Degrees in Biochemistry and Environmental Studies. He started teaching in Carpinteria in grades 3 - 6 where he started the self contained GATE program. He then moved to Carp. High School and taught Biology and Physics. In 1986 he was selected the California Association of Gifted Teacher of the Year. Married in 1985, his wife Julene taught 3rd grade at Solvang School so Mr Fenenga moved to Ballard and taught grades 5 - 8. During this time, Mr Fenenga started, with Dr Tom Ostwald, the California Science Project at UCSB. He has been the Co - Director of this professional development program since its inception.  At SYVUHS, Mr Fenenga has taught Integrated Science, Math, Physical Science, Biology, Physics, and EAST. He started the Boys Volleyball program and has coached volleyball since 1990. He has credentials in Physics, Biology, Earth Science. He has recieved numerous awards including 8 IMPACT Grants, Amgen's 2005 Science Teacher of the Year, California Coach of the Year, 2008 Geography Teacher of the Year, EAST Teacher of the Year, ESRI's GIS Teacher of the Year, 2007 Career Technical Educator of the Year Award, the CA. Governor's Award for Historic Preservation, and the 2006 Golden Bell Award. He has a son and daughter. Diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in 2006, Mr Fenenga continues to fight this disease after 7 major surgeries and 10 months of chemotherapy. He is both the Boys Varsity and Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach and has more volleyball wins and CIF titles than any other Coach in CIF.
    In 2012/13 EAST began using LIDAR scanning. This is the first high school in the world to do so. 

                                     What is EAST?

    The EAST Initiative is a nonprofit organization that provides new ways of learning for modern students. Environmental and Spatial Technologies is a UC lab science elective course. Literally, EAST is a bridge to the future with incredible technology,
    opportunity and the opportunity for creativity.
    EAST focuses on student-driven service projects through the use of the latest in technology. EAST schools are equipped with classrooms containing state-of-the-art workstations, servers, software, and accessories, including GPS/GIS mapping tools, architectural and CAD design software, 3D animation suites, and much more. Students find problems in their local communities, and then use these tools to solve them.
    EAST's focus, however, is not on technology itself, but on the unique learning environment of the EAST classroom. In EAST, students are responsible for creating their own lesson plans.  The class allows students the opportunity to get A - G University of California Science credit as well as the ability to learn and use advanced technologies. There are few lectures and fewer tests; instead, the students are guided by an EAST facilitator (a teacher trained in the EAST process). This radically different approach to learning shows tremendous results - students are better-prepared for both college and the business world, and they care more about learning.
    For more information on the EAST Initiative, including details on our training methods, our history, our industry partners, and the recognition our programs have received, please visit the introductory site EASTInitiative.org.

                                     A Quick History

    In 2001 there was a call to write a grant for only 10 schools in California to implement an EAST school using State Technology Funds. SYVUHS teacher Chip Fenenga wrote the grant along with Vice Principal Jerry Swanitz, Principal Norm Clevenger and Superintendent Dr. Van Leuven. SYVUHS received a planning grant that year for $10,000 and was asked to reapply in 2002 where they won the grant of $120,000 for 2 years. Mrs Merz, the Science Dept. and Mrs Ferrer in Counseling implemented the program, and attended trainings in Arkansas and California over 2 years. The class started with 14 students. It is now over 270 students with 9 sections in 2008.  In 2005, after the grant had expired, EAST worked with the Science Dept. becoming a UC approved Environmental Science class. The class partnered and prospered with ROP under Ken Main and Dr Van Leuven’s guidance to add more hardware and software. EAST has directly impacted the classes at SYVUHS as before EAST arrived, there were no photography, video production, or computer application ROP courses. EAST has provided an opportunity for all students access to the highest technology.



    Currently the class is an ROP Environmental Science class. The students get A-G science elective credit. The students take the Integrated Science 1 STAR test. The class has course competencies which can be found on the bottom of the EAST Philosophy page as EAST 1 Competency List. EAST exists at SYVUHS because of the unselfish work by Mrs Merz, Mr. Clevenger, Dr. Van Leuven, ROP Directors Ken Main and Tony Bauer, Paul Turnbull, Scott Cory, Principal Mark Swanitz the School Board and especially the curious students.