• Mrs. Smith
    Gretchen Smith
    Chemistry/AP & CP Physics/Robotics/Avid
    Phone x2345
    About The Teacher
    I can't believe this is the thirteenth year of teaching.  Time flies. 
    Originally, my husband and I came to the Santa Ynez Valley 21 years ago 
    when I was working for Chevron as an Operations Manager at the Gaviota Oil and Gas Plant.  
    We liked the area so much that we decided to stay and we really enjoy the community.
    I grew up in the Pacific Northwest,and obtained my Chemical Engineering degree 
    from the University of Washington.  After college, I moved to the Bay Area 
    and lived there for 15 years, working as an engineer and a manager.
    My hobbies revolve around nature, music and spiritual pursuits. 
    On any given day you can find me golfing, skiing, hiking, biking or any outdoor activities.  
    We really enjoy our pets as well.

    Mission For The Class

    My dad gave me the gift of learning from a very young age.  He taught me to learn
    something new every day.My mom taught me to dream big and have high expectations for yourself. For me, learning needs to be as practical as possible. 
    Respect is the key for me.  When we respect each other and the surroundings, we can create the optimum learning environment.