•  Mr. Peterschick
    Mark Peterschick
    Electives Department
    Niels Brock English
    ROP Computer Repair Technology and Repair
    ROP Network+/Security+
    ROP Windows Client Pro/Server 2008 Intro. to Active Directory
    ROP Linux Pro/CyberSecurity
    805-688-6487, ext 3398
    I serve two primary purposes here at SYVUHSD: teacher and technician. As an ROP teacher, my Computer Repair (PC Pro) class will make students comfortable with the "under the hood" aspects of a computer's operation. It is aligned with the industry standard CompTIA A+ certification program and provides a stepping stone to the Information Technology industry. The Network/Security+ (Network Pro/Security Pro) is also aligned to the CompTIA certifications in these areas and will teach students how networks work and the best ways to keep computer systems free from malware and other attacks. The Windows Client/ Server 2008 Intro. to Active Directory class teaches kids about the work of a Network Administrator. Linuz Pro/CyberSecurity teaches the Linux Operating System and how to keep computers, networks, servers, and applications safe in the interconnected world.
    PC Pro, Network Pro/Security Pro, Windows Client Pro/Server 2008 Intro. to Active Directory, and Linux Pro use TestOut's LabSim program to give students "performance-based" instruction and assessment to help them develop on-the-job skils. The TestOut Certifications test what you can do via the simulator and provide insight as to the student's acquired skills.
    As a technician and trainer, I keep the systems in shape and provide help to the staff as they use their PC's.
    Along with Ricky Hernandez, my students and I run the Pirate Genius Bar.
    I also coach the SY CyberPatriot team and the Junior Varsity Boys Volleyball team. 
    First-Odd Day (8:00-9:40)Network+/Security+, Linux+/Cyber Security,Computer Tech. and Repair, Window Client Pro/Server 08 Active Directory
    Second-Even Day (8:00-9:40)Niels Brock English
    Third-Odd Day (10:00-11:40)Campus Technology Support
    Fourth-Even Day (10:00-11:40)Network+/Security+, Linux+/Cyber Security,Computer Tech. and Repair, Window Client Pro/Server 08 Active Directory
    Fifth-Odd Day (12:20-2:00)Campus Technology Support
    Sixth-Even Day (12:20-2:00)Computer Tech. and Repair, Window Client Pro/Server 08 A. D., Linux+/CyberSecurity, Network+/Security+,  
    Seventh-Tuesday-Friday (2:07-3:07)Campus Technology Support, CyberPatriot Coaching, Volleyball Coaching