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Technology Initiative

We must begin a process of embedding technology more deeply into our instructional process.  With that in mind, I have created a Technology Leadership Committee to investigate where we need to be three years from now in terms of implementation.  We are beginning by defining the type of student that we want to graduate from our district.  This will drive the type of technology that we invest in and the skills we teach.

We know that significant changes are coming to the job market in which our students will work. We are preparing our students for jobs that don’t even exist. USA TODAY recently ran a story about the rapidly changing future of technology and its impact on the work force. I would encourage you to check it out here, as it helps to illustrate the rapidly changing face of the work force of the future.  Our call to change is clear in this area.
As we begin out strategic planning process in the Fall, I do hope that you will provide some input as to where we should go in regards to technology.