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Strategic Plan

2019-2022 Charting the Course

Vision Statement


The Santa Ynez Valley Union High School District will graduate the finest, best prepared young men and women, of excellent character, anywhere in the world.


Mission Statement

Provide a rigorous and broad academic experience, supported by a rich set of career technical and extracurricular options, so that every student graduates with the skills to pursue, and succeed in, his or her choice of postsecondary endeavors.

Core Values

  • Excellence: We relentlessly pursue excellence in all academic and organizational endeavors.
  • Integrity: We believe that no accomplishment has value which has not been completed with integrity.
  • Opportunity: We believe that all students should have the opportunity to discover and develop their unique strengths.
  • Community: We are better as a community than we are as individuals in our pursuit of excellence.
  • Innovation: We embrace a culture that celebrates ingenuity and inspires intellectual exploration.


Focus Area 1.0 – Student Achievement

Strategic Initiatives

1.1            Establish student assessments and learning goals to both monitor student progress and improve instruction

1.2            Provide counseling and guidance services to achieve post-secondary student success

1.3            Leverage available technology to enhance student collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and expand learning beyond the classroom setting


Focus Area 2.0 – Learning Environment and Culture


Strategic Initiatives

2.1            Provide safe, comfortable, up-to-date and efficient facilities

2.2            Transform learning environment through staff and student innovation

2.3            Explore and adopt innovative and flexible learning systems

Focus Area 3.0 – Community Engagement


Strategic Initiatives

3.1            Collaborate with feeder districts to facilitate Valley-wide academic articulation and operational efficiencies

3.2            Engage parents and the community through varied communication, activities and organizations

3.3            Increase student involvement in decision making

3.4            Partner with businesses, post-secondary educational institutions, non-profit organizations and governmental

                  agencies to enhance the student learning experience


Focus Area 4.0 – Optimize Resources


Strategic Initiatives

4.1            Pursue outside sources of funding to support student learning experiences

4.2            Ensure the ongoing fiscal health of the district

4.3            Provide funding for current and future maintenance and facility needs


Focus Area 5.0 – Instructional Leadership


Strategic Initiatives

5.1            Implement California academic standards

5.2            Update teacher evaluation process to encourage innovative 21st century teaching

5.3            Embrace a culture of innovation, enthusiasm and collegiality

5.4            Engage in data-driven decision making at all levels of the district