Key Analytics

Bond Tracking Software by KeyAnalytics
Our District has partnered with KeyAnalytics to meet our old and school facilities funding management and compliance needs. KeyAnalytics provides the tracking and Reporting, Cash Flow, and Compliance Services listed below in addition to much more.
  • Tracking/Reporting
    • Programmatic Revenue and Expenditure Tracking
    • Individual Project Tracking and Reporting
    • Fund Reconciliation
    • Cumulative Program and Project Reporting
  • Strategic Cash Flow Planning
    • Programatic Multi-Year Tracking from Start to Finish
    • Changes in Project Budgets
    • Changes in Revenue Sources
  • Compliance
    • Federal Tax-Exempt Bond Requirements
    • Local Prop 39 Requirements, OPSC Reporting, COC Reporting, Bond Document Requirements, Continuing Disclosure, etc.
    • State Matching Funds Requirements, including auto-generation of Form 50-06