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Classified Leaves

Welcome to the Classified Leaves page. As this page evolves the name may change but for now all things classified leave related will be found here. 
Please remember the following important leave policies:
1. There is no compensatory or comp time allowed anymore. Any overtime worked will be paid out on the next available pay period.
2. Floating holidays are not accrued. They are a use it or lose it benefit. All floating holidays must be used within the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).
3. Vacation leave must be used by June 30th in order to be used to calculate your accrual or payout balance. This means if your absence is not within July 1 through June 30th it is not counted in that fiscal year. 12 month employees will be paid out for any hours unused over 160 hours. If you turn in a July vacation in June it will not reduce your accrual hours. You will still be paid out for any overages and the vacation will be taken out of the next year’s balance.
4. ALL VACATION must be preplanned and reapproved by your supervisor. For the end of the year calculations to be correct any vacation days taken for the entire month of June (1st - 30th) must be turned in on or before JUNE 15th. 
5. 10 and 11 month employees do not accrue vacation. Any unused vacation time is paid out to the employee on their last check of the fiscal year (May or June).
5. The district grants all leaves (sick and vacation) upfront in July. If you leave before the end of the fiscal year, your leave balances are prorated and you will have to reimburse the district for any days used but unearned.