Annual Accounting of Developer Fees


Article 66001 and 66006 of the California Government Code requires that within 180 days of the close of each fiscal year, school districts that collect statutory school facilities fees/developer fees, make the following information available to the public:

  • a brief description of the type of fee;
  • the amount of the fee (Current Fee Schedule);
  • the beginning and ending Developer Fee balances for the prior fiscal year;
  • the fees, interest and other income; and
  • the amount of expenditures made during the year.

The Developer Fee transactions are accounted for in a separate fund known as the Capital Facilities Fund (aka Fund 25). The annual accounting must be reviewed by the governing board at its regularly scheduled meeting, at least 15 days after the accounting was made available to the public. Our current developer fee rates can be found on this website using the linnk above. Expenditures in the Capital Facilities Fund are restricted to the purposes specified in Government Code sections 65970-65981 or to the items specified in agreements with the developer (Government Code section 66006).

The Notices of Public Hearings are posted annually in the Santa Ynez Valley Union High School District's main District Office as well as the Board Agenda website.