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Club Advisor's Handbook

Each student club must have an advisor on record (for athletic team clubs the coach acts as the advisor); this is in addition to the Head Advisor who is responsible for overseeing the general student council. Every ASB advisor, whether for a specific student club/sports team or the general student council, must be a certificated employee of the district and must be aware of all laws, policies and procedures that affect the student body, including those specific to the district, to ensure they are followed. The advisor will act as a liaison to the faculty, administration, student body and community in matters relating to ASB, and keep the principal/school administrator and staff apprised of the organization’s activities.

ASB Advisors are responsible for:

•        Providing guidance and direction, and being knowledge about how ASBs operate so legal responsibilities are understood.

•        Overseeing the election/selection of officers and committee chairs, as well as ensuring that they understand and carry out their duties.

•        Approving expenditures along with the student representative.

•        Ensuring that the clubs are meeting and keeping minutes.

•        Reviewing with the students all budgets, financial reports and transactions.

•        Working with the students when preparing the annual budget and revenue projection estimates.

•        Ensuring that only valid expenditures are made and authorized from the different clubs’ funds.

•        Ensuring that every organized club has a constitution in place and follows it.

•        Providing supervision to ensure student safety and compliance during ASB activities.

•        Ensuring that student organizations follow all cash handling procedures set by the district.

•        Ensuring that proper cash control procedures are established and followed at all times.

•        Reporting any suspected fraud or abuse to the district’s business office.

The ASB advisor(s) works directly with students in clubs and the student council on a day-to-day basis, supervising the activities of the student council and the clubs and serving as a link from the student council and the clubs to the ASB bookkeeper and the principal/school  administrator.

When any ASB organization or club holds fundraising events, the ASB advisor is responsible for ensuring that adequate planning and internal controls are established and that all of the funds are properly accounted for and given to the ASB bookkeeper with all the necessary paperwork at the end of the event. The ASB advisor will mainly oversee students doing the tasks as an integral part of ASB is for students to gain hands on business and governance experience. Attached is a handbook specifically created to help guide advisors through the various aspects of district policy relating to ASB. 

Any regulatory, policy, or procedural questions should be directed to the Business Manager.